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Week four at Evolve Weight Loss

Evolve Weight Loss

We did it! We now have over three hundred registered Evolve members! We are officially four weeks old!!!

Our family is growing week by week and momentum keeps building. It’s unreal and so exciting!!

We had another twenty-one members join our group this week, it was brilliant to see some faces from before and brand new people. I hope my over-excitement didn’t put them off!

I’ve been getting more and more messages asking about our groups and a long list of people coming to join us after their holidays. 

In groups and our members-only Facebook groups it’s full of food talk, tips, ideas, encouragement and support. We’ve been hearing about pudding ideas, doner kebabs, pizzas, eating out and still losing weight, and so much more.

Our weight losses are booming. Thirty-seven awards were achieved yes that many!!! 

My mum got her 1 stone award for losing 1 stone 1lb in just 3 weeks! It was great to hear from our fab member Steph who achieved her 1 ½ stone award in just three weeks. She told us about the family meals everyone is enjoying and the new free boxing club she’s joined.

It’s great how our plan has been received and how simple and flexible our members find it. Ice cream on a Friday night?? Yes please give me some of that 🤣

I know it’s a tad early but I’ve just booked our first-ever members Evolve Christmas party venue in Longbridge which I’m super excited for (a bit too early to start wearing Christmas jumpers maybe 🤣).

Droitwich launch is under four weeks away, exciting and nerve-wracking rolled into one. But really looking forward to helping and supporting more wonderful people in their journey to be Healthier, Happier & Slimmer!

Much love 

Jen x