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Week 5 in the Evolve community!

Evolve Weight Loss

A massive 68 stone 6.5lb shed between our fabulous members in our first month!!!

This is amazing and I couldn’t be prouder. 

Looking back over our month there’s been loads of highlights. When I developed this plan I didn’t realise the impact it would have in changing people’s relationship with food. I knew what we had worked on, I knew it was simple and filling and healthy. It was what had been going around in my brain for months and put together in our members’ book. But I didn’t think the impact it would have and this has been shared with me a lot. No foods are banned or given words that could maybe be perceived as ‘bad’.

We are helping our members ‘fall in love with food again’ and to see my member’s eyes light up when they talk about food, new things they’ve tried and how they are feeling is the best feeling ever. That’s the most important thing for me, helping and supporting people and seeing them transform on their journey is what gives me the most massive buzz!

We now have two walking groups up and running which is excellent and another twenty wonderful members joined our ever-growing community. For me it’s so fabulous to see lots of faces from where I was part of their journey before – loads of hugs have happened!

Droitwich is just three weeks away – goosebumps of nervousness. Excited but apprehensive too with lots of questions buzzing around my head. I know I get easily over excited and that’s just me but how will Droitwich members take to me lol!! I vowed since I left my previous organisation I will always be me and never let anyone ever dull my sparkle again and I stand by that. I’m looking forward to meeting members and helping even more people. Let’s do this!

Let’s help each other become healthier, happier and slimmer 

Love Jen x