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Week three at Evolve!

Evolve Weight Loss - Slimming Groups

I had a couple of happy tears yesterday… 🥹

I was adding my new members to my text list group, which read 298 Evolve Members! It took my breath away made my heart skip a beat and choked me up! I think I’ve spent the last few weeks on autopilot wanting everything to work in group, making sure everyone’s okay I haven’t taken a moment to sit back and appreciate and think about where we are in just three weeks.

Amazed, excited, overwhelmed, happy, and inspired by so many thoughts and emotions. I feel I’m back!

After months of feeling like my sparkle had been taken from me, being made to feel what I was doing wasn’t good enough it takes its toll. Now I’m tired in a great way!!!! My group members are so important to me, we can run groups now how we like and it’s fantastic. Each session is different but we always support each other. There is tons of food talk, learning, ideas, awards achieved, and celebrating successes on and off the scales.

No announcing people’s gains or making anyone feel uncomfortable with “What do you want to change this week, have I got your commitment, clap, clap, clap!!” Or no run-downs of everyone’s meals from Mon – Fri in detail!!!!

It’s so refreshing, not knowing what each session will be (even though I have my comfort notes still 🤣) We have a laugh but are learning so much in an open forum environment. I absolutely bloody love it.

The feedback is just wonderful!

Our Steph lost 1 stone 2.5lb in 2 weeks!! My mum 12.5lbs! And we have Jen in group too which is great. Glyn got his ½ stone award in his second week, it’s great to have couples that have joined us. 

The plan is so simple. A lady actually came up to me and said “It’s brilliant, really simple, why hasn’t anyone else thought about this before!”

People are sharing it’s already changing their relationship with food. I’m loving hearing their feedback and the buzz and support in our members-only Facebook group is great. Gives me a warm glow feeling. 

People are now bringing friends and family to join and I’ve had so many messages from outside the area asking about joining an online group as they live too far away. So we are working on that too.

With the Droitwich launch now just four weeks away it’s time to get busy promoting! 

Can we reach 300 Evolve members this week!!? OMG seems crazy but I absolutely blinking love it. Another eight people filled out the online joining form last night so hopefully, we will meet them in group next week!!!

I’m always thankful for everyone’s support. I’m with such an amazing Evolve family – it really feels that way.

Love Jen xx