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Week 14 in the Evolve Community!

Evolve Weight Loss Community

We are literally overwhelmed with how our community continues to build and the brilliant responses and feedback we are getting.

When we launched we had a business plan, we hoped to have 150 people with us by Christmas. Well, that’s doubled plus more. I still have to pinch myself daily to ensure all this is real. From time to time imposter syndrome jumps into my head and I have to have a word with myself!

Members are joining our online groups and in-person groups daily. At HQ (me & Kev in a room in our house 🤣) we are busy thinking and planning ahead……. Lots to come! 

Trying to make sure I can give my members the best service and experience they deserve.

We are in our permanent home in Longbridge at Austin Sports and Social Club, which is a lovely big room, with a massive car park and heating! Lots more space for my ever-growing shop and tons of chairs and space for everyone.

Droitwich group is now on week five it’s such a lovely friendly, warm group they guys are doing fabulous and we always have a giggle every week!

Our online group grows and it’s fun, and relaxed with loads of ideas, support and encouragement for each other.

I love hearing my members’ inspirational stories, their non-scale victories as well as scale victories. If I had the brain space I’d love to be running groups every day of the week but I think I’d even forget my name,  but who knows what the future may hold! 

We give out so many awards each week – it’s just brilliant. My favourite is the New Stone Zone down award which twenty people achieved this week.

Our members-only Facebook group is awash with food ideas, meals, tips, and encouragement it feels like a warm and fuzzy place to be lol!

One other thing that happened this week was I was nominated for two Worcestershire Woman Who awards. 

Women Who Educate – Sponsored by Hallmark Whatley Hulme

This award will go to the member who has a strong brand message. Someone who is really looking to educate her following in a positive way and help communities or future generations”

Women Who Inspire – Sponsored by Limitless Hypnotherapy

This award will go to the member who, against all odds, has risen to challenges and made the impossible into possible for herself. We’re looking for an inspirational story which could be business or personal related”

I was super overwhelmed and grateful to be nominated for these awards. 

Thanking everyone that helps, supports, encourages and believes in Evolve and Me & Kev 

Much love ❤️