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The voices inside my head

The voices in your head by Jen, the Founder of Evolve Weight Loss UK

Hi, I’m Jen, the Founder of Evolve Weight Loss, I thought I’d do a short video to explain that I too have doubts, your not alone!

The transcription of the video is below if you’d rather read it, or you can read the article Stopping that negative voice in your head for even more content.

Those voices in your head.

Now, I’ve written an article on this on my website, but I wanted to pop on and do a video as it’s something so passionate to me. To me it’s even more important than the food you eat as it has a massive impact on how you feel, which in turn makes you want to stuff your face with all that junk food that feels good at the time of eating. Afterwards, we get these pangs of shame and guilt that leads us into another vicious cycle of eating. Guilt eating.

And so it just goes on. It really upsets me when I hear people speaking so negatively about themselves. But I know these feelings towards ourselves can be so deep rooted sometimes we don’t even realise we are doing it. That was me previously five stone heavier in a bad place, physically and mentally. I mean, I tried every diet going with great intentions, starting off the day, but the horrid food or mush I was eating meant I’d last probably a couple of days, a week at the most, before beating myself up.

Fat, greedy, cow. Useless, no good for anything. Why do I bother? What happened? Yeah, you got it.

I went back to the crap food that comforted me so well, or so I thought it did. So after years of this cycle, something in me just clicked. I’d had my two children and found being a mom, wife, working a real, real struggle. I was stuck in these black baggy clothes, felt frumpy and just sad. But the realisation that this was my life, my one shot at it, and I’m either going to stay in this unhappy state forever or do something about it. And permanently this time.

So my decision was made and I promised myself to that day, I was never going back to how I felt. Ever. I mean, my journey wasn’t easy. There were bumps in the road.

Of course there were. And when I realised that those bumps were normal, I relaxed. I knew it’s okay, I was in this for the long haul. So I changed what I was eating. I joined a local weight loss group and I tried to replace those negative thoughts about myself into positive ones. I’d catch myself when I started falling back into the place of beating myself up verbally when things hadn’t gone as planned and instead told myself I was proud of myself.

I mean, it’s a really hard thing to say when you spent years telling yourself you were useless and just no good. And I still occasionally fall into that now, but I recognise really quickly what I am doing and have a word with myself. So I like to say and switch that negative voice off. A master of mine has always been taught yourself how you would taught your best friend.

And you certainly wouldn’t be putting them down, would you know? You’d be lifting them up and telling them all the amazing qualities they have. Replacing those negative voices in your head to positive ones is a real game changer. So have you ever got up in the morning and said to yourself today is going to be a bad day? Guess what? I bet it’s not a good day as you’ve already set yourself up that it’s going to be awful.

But that first thought in the morning made it that way, turning that round to say today’s going to be a great day. Already you feel your vibe lifting, so starting somewhere simple like that can make such a difference. So I challenge you start today. What are you proud of yourself for?

And don’t say nothing, as there are always things to be proud of. And if you feel that negative voice creeping in, stop and replace it with a positive one and see how the shift in how you feel happens. I’ve written an article on my website called Stopping That Negative Voice in Your Head which has some more hints and tips on. Please feel free to have a read but I’m going to finish this video on this. In case no one told you today, you are amazing.

Strong, brave, wonderful, kind, loved, worthy and there is no one like you.

So turn that voice around, be proud of every step, no matter how small it may seem, and be your biggest cheerleader and see how much more different it feels.

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