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Team Evolve

Meet the team behind Evolve Weight Loss

Evolve Weight Loss - Jen Founder

Jen Flannigan

Founder, Entrepreneur & Coach

I’m Jen, the Founder of Evolve. I absolutely love the community we are building. Our members are the most supportive, inspiring people and everyday I get to do what I absolutely love – to help, support, encourage and have a giggle. To see our members transform, grow in confidence and watch their happiness ooze is just such an amazing buzz – I’ll never tire of it. In my spare time, I enjoy listening and dancing to 80s music, shopping on Vinted, going to the theatre and getting out in the fresh air walking and contemplating life (whilst listening to some dodgy music!)

My goal; “To help as many people as I can change their relationship with food and to live their very best life.”

We only get one shot at life we have to make the best of every single day.

Kev Flannigan

Entrepreneur & Director

‘Aka’ Technical support amongst other titles!! I’m Jen’s hubby who thoroughly enjoys her cooking and loves burnt food – I genuinely do 🥰 Working full time with Jen at Evolve, no two days are the same and I love that. I enjoy the behind-the-scenes stuff and building Evolve. We have big plans so I will be working flat out behind the scenes to make Evolve even more amazing. The Boss is not too bossy but I have a long list of things to do which includes cooking, mowing the grass and making the tea! I’m excited for the future – my mantra is; “Perfection doesn’t exist so stop striving for it. Be the best version of you, you can be, and apply first class basics to your life and you will succeed!

Sylvia - Evolve Weight Loss Coach, Northampton

Sylvia Paget


A Weight Loss Coach for 11 years, helping hundreds, if not thousands of people on their weight loss journey. For me, it’s all about making people feel their best and Evolve is what’s going to help me help them do that.

Hayley Matthews - Evolve Droitwich Coach

Hayley Matthews

Weight LOSS COACHDroitwich

With over a decade of experience helping slimmers on their weight loss journeys and twenty-six years as a Zumba and fitness instructor, I’ve seen firsthand the transformative power of lifestyle changes.

Roxy the Office Dog



The most commonly used adjectives to describe Cavachons are happy, charming, fun-loving and friendly. Roxy is all of these! – And she’s the only Team Evolve Member who pees on the floor when she gets excited… (I think!)

John & Jan - team Evolve member

John & Jan
(aka. Mum & Dad)


Mum and Dad help at the Longbridge 7pm Group. Mum has lost 3 1/2 stone with Evolve in just 4 1/2 months. You’ll find Dad testing new recipes for us and in the bar in between Group before coming back in to help us pack away.

Louisa - team Evolve member



You will find me at one of the weigh stations at the Thursday morning Longbridge group.  When you join Evolve, you are not just joining a weight loss group, you are joining a supportive family.  The Evolve plan is a positive lifestyle approach to healthy eating. No gimmicks, no shaming,  just straightforward healthy eating to support weight loss.  The key to the plan is Jen.  Jen is an amazing coach and truly inspiring.  I am proud to support Jen and can highly recommend the Evolve plan.

Pam - team Evolve member



I’ve helped Jen for over ten years. I love being a part of Jen’s Group and seeing everyone’s journey progress x

Sandra - team Evolve member



I’ve been helping Jenny for a while. I love working with Jenny – she is caring and compassionate and loves helping people lose weight and feel good about themselves.



I have helped Jenny on Team Evolve for a while now. It’s something I love doing as you get to welcome people as they come through the door, it’s lovely to watch people succeed at Evolve. There’s always a warm welcome.

Kerri - Evolve Team Member



I love being part of Team Evolve. When it comes to weighing in some can find it very daunting so to be there as a cheerleader makes my day. I love that Evolve has become a little family and we are all there for each other no matter what kind of week you’ve faced. I love the Evolve plan and the freedom it gives you without absolutely any guilt and best of all we all have the most amazing mentor in Jen who is with you every step of the way.



I have been part of Jen’s group for over seven years and have maintained it for six years. I enjoy being part of Team Evolve because I can give my support and share my experiences with others who might need that little bit more as we are all part of one team and we all work together ❤️

Cheryl - team Evolve member



I know how scary coming into Group can be, being a woman or a man, you don’t know anyone. “Am I going to be the biggest one there? or “What happens if nobody talks to me?” I know how you feel – that’s why I’m here to say hello to new people and show them where to go!! I will smile, get you a drink and meet you at the door to make you feel comfy. I will also be there to welcome you back the following week xx

Lin - team Evolve member



I help in the shop and at pay. What do I love about Evolve? Jen’s jokes…. 😅

Karen - team Evolve member



When I found out about Evolve, I knew I had to join. I have been with Jen since it started, I’ve lost 3 stone. I  help with awards,  making sure you get  certificates and stickers for your books, and believe me it won’t take you long to get them. It’s such an easy and flexible plan.  All groups are very friendly and welcoming , so don’t be afraid to step through the door. xxx

Yvonne - team Evolve member



When I first walked through those doors I was terrified. I’d seen the posts on Facebook and all the signs around the town. I posted on Facebook that I was joining evolve and Bev messaged me to find out about it, we joined together. We both offered to help Jen out as it was a new Droitwich class and she asked if anyone wanted to help. Both Bev and myself help out on the pay desk on a Thursday night. I though I’m never going to be able to do it as I had so much to lose which is daunting, I also only had a small loss my first week which made me feel bad, but I kept on coming and now I’m almost 3 stone lighter. I suffer with bad anxiety but I can honestly say it’s the best group I’ve ever done, the Everyday Eats plan is wonderful. I look forward to meeting all of the new and existing members each week.

Tina - team Evolve member



I just love Evolve, when you come to Group you will be met by one of us in Jen’s Team Evolve – we wear our bright red badges, one of us will always greet you with a smile and make you feel welcome, then the fun begins and you won’t look back!! Myself and my best friend Jayne run the shop for Jen and we love it 🥰 we get to meet all the lovely members, help give them tips but also get some ourselves on what to use the many products on offer each week, but we also sometimes run up and down doing the awards for you lovely lot who keep hitting your goals!! It’s so exciting and we love to hear how well you have been doing, but also we are here for anyone that might need a chat or to let off steam or even a shoulder to cry on, at Evolve we are one big family and we look forward to meeting up each week, and Jenny has made Evolve the best, just by being her she’s crazy in the most beautiful way and that’s why evolve is such a success. So come along and join our family ❤️

Helen team Evolve member



I joined Evolve in October 2023 and helped at the check-in desk at the 7pm session. We always give everyone a warm welcome and the kettle is always on! The sessions are fun, informative and most of all motivational. Whether you feel you have had a great week or not, you leave the group with a smile and some new ideas, ready to reset for the next week.

Fran team Evolve member



I love Evolve, it’s an easy plan. Droitwich is a lovely friendly group and very supportive. I enjoy meeting others on the same weight loss journey.

Bernie team Evolve member



I’ve been with Jen for more than 10 years. I’m part of the Evolve Team on Wednesday mornings, doing weigh-ins. It’s wonderful to see new members start their journey and feel better about themselves as the weeks go by. I remember the first time I went to Jen’s Group. I felt sick with nerves, just to walk through the doors. I don’t know why I was so worried as Jen made me feel so welcome and at ease. We share lots of fabulous recipes with each other. We laugh together and help each other. If you just want to come and listen, well, that’s OK too! Lots of people who have joined us have made lifelong friendships (me included). You won’t ever regret your decision to come! ❤️

Amanda team Evolve member



I joined Evolve last October 2023 and Jen and her weight loss plan is a breath of fresh air.  I have found a plan that is easy to follow and all food is included in correct portions. No need to avoid eating out or celebrations. The group members are all friendly and supportive and when I was asked to help, I knew this would keep me attending group and motivate me to keep trying. The weekly meetings are well run and informative and Jen’s enthusiasm is amazing, you are the ❤️ and soul of Evolve.