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Suman Spices

About Suman

My name is Suman, I’m a mum of two, have a lovely hubby and also work full time. My real passion is Indian cooking. Suman Spices first started in 2014 and began with me creating Spice Boxes to create a variety of dishes with various spices.

After joining the gym earlier this year I really wanted to explore healthy Indian cooking and various styles to make it delicious and healthy.

I had the pleasure of meeting Jen who told me all about her slimming company, Evolve Weight Loss. We decided to collaborate so we can provide healthy NO Count curries!

I’ve started with the most popular curry,  Chicken Tikka Masala and Vegetable Tikka Masala with some rice. More dishes to follow. Tell us what your favourites are!

My mum was a brilliant cook

Her speciality was her chicken curry. The house always smelt of beautiful Indian spices on a Sunday. I remember when I was a little girl running to the kitchen holding on to my mum’s apron and standing on tiptoes to see what was bubbling on the cooker. I used to love to watch her cook. 

She would talk to me about her life in India as she threw things into a pan. No recipes, no measuring ingredients. Her cooking came from the heart. And so started my fascination with Indian spices. I learnt to cook by watching my mum and always being surrounded by food, which is a big part of Indian culture.

Suman Spices

The Delicious Meals

Suman Spices & Evolve Weight Loss Tikka Masala with Rice

Evolve & Suman Spices working together

I met Suman on Facebook, where her fabulous meals and reviews caught my eye. I wished I could cook like that. 🤣

When I was setting up Evolve, I really wanted to help my members in every way, including giving them a place to order healthy meals for takeout. I realised there was a gap in the market for this. I got in touch with Suman, we met up, and we hit it off right away. We both think alike, we’re both around the same age (peri-menopausal, to be exact! 🤣), and we both want to help people and love food.

So, this is where our journey starts. We’ve got big plans ahead – more meal options, spice boxes, and more. I’m really excited to work with Suman. Girl power all the way!

Order Your Meals

Your meal will be made to order, with love by Suman herself.

You MUST order by Sunday 6pm at the latest for delivery to Group that week ahead.

Make sure you order your meal for the session you will attend that week. Should you fail to collect from Group, unfortunately we can’t store your meal for you.

All meals are cooked fresh that day, and come with two Evolve recommended portion sizes of rice. They will be delivered to your Evolve Group for collection.

You don’t need to eat them straight away either! They can be stored in the fridge and enjoyed 3-4 days later, or frozen for up to 3 months.

Only £8.00 per meal. Payment by Bank Transfer after you’ve placed your order.