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Slimming hints and tips by Jen, the Founder of Evolve Weight Loss.

Slimming tips by Jen, at Evolve Weight Loss

Why I know exactly how you feel – I walk in your shoes.

Hi, it’s Jen. I wanted to do a little video about weight loss journeys.

I myself have been on my journey for years, really since the age of fourteen when I was an overweight teenager. And my journey just kind of went on up until the age of, I’d say 30 when I finally decided this was it. Enough yoyo dieting, enough restrictive diets.

I just needed to make big changes and big lasting and lifetime changes. I’ve helped and supported people to lose weight for over eleven years now. And I’ve had the privilege of meeting loads of people during my time and supporting those people as well. And the one thing that used to really kind of upset me was just how hard people would be on themselves. They’d jump on the scales and see a two-pound gain, and that was it.

“Oh, God, that’s it’s not working for me anymore.” “I can’t do this anymore.” And easily fall off the wagon, eating everything that’s inside. And I get it because that was me. That is normal. And I always say to people that your weight loss journey will go like that. There’s not one person that I’ve met that has got to their ideal goal weight without having a few tricky weeks on their journey.

I’ve had weeks where it has been hard, weeks where I’ve had gains, there have been weeks where I’ve maintained “What the heck is going on?” “I’ve really stuck to whatever plan I’m following and I haven’t lost weight.” And it’s so easy for those times to derail you. But what we’ve got to know and what we’ve got to understand is all our bodies are so different, we all naturally fluctuate. It could be four, five, or six pounds a day.

This is why I’ve always given advice to people that I’ve supported over the years – ditch the scales at home, stop that weighing in daily. It messes with your mind.

I’ve weighed in, first thing in a morning, naked – Oh God. Devastated it says I’ve put on a pound. That’s it I’m not going to eat now. I’m going to eat a bit of lettuce later on in the evening. Get back on. Oh, two-pound gain. Oh God, what’s the point of this thing? I remember always going to my mother-in-law’s house the first thing I would do is run upstairs and go on their scales because I knew they were weighing half a stone lighter. So why wouldn’t you just want to say a quick hello and run up and get on those scales? It can become really obsessive.

But the real way to see your weight loss journey and your weight losses is to look at it over a period of time. I would suggest weekly weigh-ins. Again, it’s what works for one, doesn’t work for the other. But weekly weigh-ins, you know, you go the same time, same place each week, you get on those scales, and your weight is recorded. And looking at that over a period of six to seven, eight weeks gives you a true picture.

Because for us women, we basically get it hard, don’t we? Hormone fluctuations might be water retention, it could be to the time of the month. It could be that you’ve started some exercise, which is going to be fab for you because it’s going to mean that you’re going to kind of keep your lean muscle, which means your metabolism is going to burn quicker, which means you’re going to burn those calories. But also what it might mean is if you’re not used to exercising activity, your muscles are like, well, what’s going on? Therefore you might retain some fluid and that weighs.

It could be if you get on the scales on a Monday after a heavy weekend – we’ve all done and you’ve had particularly salty foods, chips, whatever it is, your body can retain extra water. It’s the salt. So you might not have a true picture there.

You are not going to see that number on the scales you want every week. You need to prepare for so I’m very teacher mode here, aren’t I? But preparing for that, it will go a little bit like that. But the key is consistency. Commitment to yourself. Consistency. Not giving up, picking yourself up after a fall, reaching out and asking for help for other people and seeing your journey as long-term. Then what you do is you feel those non-scale victories. Your trousers are getting a bit loose like your skirts falling down. Oh, my God, this is amazing.

You’re getting those lovely compliments, non-scale victories such as I can do the school run now without blowing out my ass, but you know what I mean, without really being out of breath. I can go up and down the stairs more easily, whatever it is. But breaking your goals down, yes, we’ve all got that final goal that we want to hit and absolutely, you can do it. But breaking those goals down as you go along, being kind to yourself, and knowing that you’re going to have those moments when you want to eat the whole tub of Ben and Jerry’s, plus everything else in sight.

That’s going to happen and that’s okay.

Learning to get to know yourself as a slimmer. Where are your trigger foods? Where are your danger areas? Where do you struggle? There are so many tools you can use.

Be kind to yourself. This is a journey, not a race. So thank you for listening.

And if you’d love to join one of our in-person groups, we’d absolutely love to have you, too. Just have a look. Have a look around the website, have a look at the group details and get in touch if I can be of any help.

Thank you, guys x