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Online Group details

We run a weekly online session on Thursdays at 8:30pm

How to join

To jump on board with us, just fill out the form below which takes you through the simple steps to join. 

What next?

Once you’re officially part of our Community we’ll send you your Members’ book and food trackers in the post. 

You’ll then get an email containing a link to our New Member Plan Explanation. Plus, you’ll get access to our exclusive Evolve members-only Facebook Group for that extra boost of support during the week.

Every week, we’ll send you an email that includes the super simple Zoom online code. It’s your golden ticket to join us for the session. Along with a reminder to send us your weight change by 11:30am on Thursdays, we’ll update your progress records.

Then, as the clock strikes 8:30pm, tune into Zoom for our group gathering.

As a cherry on top, you’ll receive electronic certificates of success to celebrate your achievements along the way. 

Expect each group session to last around 30 to 40 minutes maximum. During this time, we’ll revel in successes, provide unwavering support, ignite motivation, share tips and ideas, chat about food, and fill the room with encouragement to power you through the week ahead.

What do I get?

Not only do you get access to the online Group, but you will also get the Welcome Pack.

Evolve Members Book
Evolve Members Book
Evolve Food Inspiration Book
Evolve Food Tracker
  • The Members Book which includes the Evolve Food Plan
  • The Food Inspiration Book with 28 days worth of food ideas and recipes from breakfast to snacks
  • A4 food trackers to help you adjust to a new way of food planning
  • Access to the Members-only Facebook Group

So how much?

For your Welcome Pack, it’s a one-off fee of £15, which we will ask you to pay along with your first month’s membership of £20. That’s just £35 to kickstart your journey with us, it’s then £20 per month as you continue on your Evolve weight loss journey with us.

Joining Form

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