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New Slimming Group Launched in Droitwich

Evolve Slimming Groups in Droitwich

Wow what a week!

We’ve been welcoming more and more members into our Evolve family each week, with more people signed up to join us next week when the kids are back in school.

Our new Online Slimming Group is launching on the 14th of September, we have people on board for that already. Excitingly from everywhere! A lovely lady joined from Ireland last night, Coventry, Exeter, Walsall. It’s an 8pm group so of course pjs are acceptable at that time if night 🤣

Our Droitwich Weight Loss Group launch happened last night. I was so nervous but excited too. Would anyone turn up? Would they enjoy it? Would they understand me as I’d probably be speaking so fast as was a mix of emotions. But yes people did come, lots of them, and how lovely everyone was. I can feel the warmness, support, and encouragement we are going to get after just the first session. It was brilliant. I’m awake so early as I’m still buzzing.

Evolve Slimming Groups in Droitwich - opening

I also met with a gorgeous lady called Suman who cooks fantastic authentic Indian meals in Droitwich. She invited me and Kev for a meal. It was beautiful and we are going to be launching healthy curries. Cooked by Suman Spices delivered to our group member sessions in the next couple of weeks. There’s such a gap in the market I feel for this let’s give it a try. We have plans for spice boxes with recipes too.

Of course, my amazing Longbridge Groups are still growing – loads of awards given out in the last couple of weeks too. Love being in Group with everyone and love the relaxed vibe. No pressures, no set agenda, always a laugh to be had and support a plenty.

Behind the scenes Kev has been working on our new Evolve software for our check-in and weigh-in stations to make it super slick, giving me more time to support the amazing Evolve family members.

In the meantime, we have purchased another set of scales and a computer so we can do a double weigh-in in Groups which means no long queues. We are starting that from next week.

Oh my goodness so much is happening!!

From our Evolve walking Groups to organising our Christmas Gala, healthy takeaways, and other Evolve locations in the pipeline. So much for my little head to digest but absolutely love it.

Everything happens for a reason. Never let anyone dull your sparkle!

Happy 1st September.

Love Jen X