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Droitwich Group details

New, alternative slimming groups launched in Droitwich!

Don’t miss out on this brand NEW weight loss community!

We’d absolutely love to have you join us, share your valuable input, and make this journey an epic one together. So, grab your spot now and get ready for a fabulous experience!

Bigger venue due to increased demand!

Join us at the Scout Hut, Cockshute Hill, Droitwich WR9 7QP

Thursday at 5.30pm & 7pm and Friday 9am.

Evolve Weight Loss at the Scout Hut, Cockshute Hill, Droitwich

Book your place now for easy registration, or just turn up to one of our groups, and join on the day.

Not the right time for you, or want to find out about future locations? No worries, you can still join our waiting room and get access to some fab, free content. Register your interest here

Why join us?

Our groups are the ultimate destination to get all the help and support you need to achieve your goals of becoming happier, healthier, fitter, and slimmer. Find out more about groups.

So how much will it cost me?

At Evolve, we believe in simplicity and keeping you focused on your journey. That’s why we offer a straightforward payment plan.

For a special new launch offer, it’s HALF PRICE MEMBERSHIP at £5 to join. 

We then ask that you pay a monthly fee of only £20, which works out to less than £5 per week.

First, you’ll make your initial payment by cash or card in group. After that, you have the option to set up a Direct Debit for hassle-free monthly payments, which helps reinforce your commitment. Alternatively, you can continue to make monthly payments in group. 

So book your place now

For our Milestone Members (those of you that reach your goal weight, or Happy Weight as we like to call it), it’s half price at just £10 a month (less than a Costa coffee each week!)

We want to make sure you have payment options that work for you and make achieving your goals and staying at your Happy Weight, as easy as possible!

Other locations coming soon, watch this space…