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Let’s go to Barry Island!

Sunday 8th Sept 2024 – the Evolve day trip to the seaside 🏖️🐬🏝️

  • Pick-up in Longbridge 8.30am – location TBC
  • Pick-up in Droitwich 9.00am – location TBC
  • Arriving at Barry Island at 11.30am
  • 6 hours of fun, food, beach and arcades!
  • Leave Barry Island at 5.30pm to get back around 8.00pm for Drotiwch and 8.30pm for Longbridge.

The maths

  • We have booked three coaches with a total capacity of 150 seats at a fixed cost of £2,250 – so, if we get 150 names it will be only £15 each 😃
  • If we only get 100 then we will only take two coaches and it will still be £15 each!
  • However, if we get between 100-150, then we will have to divide the cost of £2,250 between who is coming – so in this scenario, it could be £20ish (which is still great BTW)

Are you coming?

Until we know the final head count we can’t set the price – so can you let us know if you’re coming? Once we have the final numbers we can set the price and then send you a link to pay.