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It’s almost December!


I say this each month but time really is flying.

Evolve is evolving for sure!

Each week we have more members join us and as they share You’ve been recommended by friends” it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Members who join us love the plan and how it’s easy, and there are so many more food choices and nothing feels restricted or off limits, making them feel like they aren’t on a diet. I didn’t truly understand the power of words and how that made people feel. 

We don’t use any fancy names we call food what it is which has made a big difference along with our recommended portions next to the food that people may have once continued to consume as they were under the belief it was unlimited. 

There have been so many eye-opening moments for me I could write a book!!

So many awards are achieved weekly! 

Our healthy curry deliveries from Suman are so popular that she now makes three choices each week.

Looking forward to 2024

We have more sessions/groups opening which  I’m so excited for. 

Including where I live in Droitwich – we started with one session as I was unsure if it would be popular having been not known in the weight loss arena there! But that group has grown so much in just 13 weeks it’s amazing. 

One of the ladies that helps me has achieved her 2 stone in just 12 weeks after saying “I never thought I’d be able to lose weight again” That was a fab moment x

We have our very first, new Food Inspiration book being put together for Christmas I can’t wait for that.