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How Evolve weight loss works

We have four pillars to success

Evolve is a community that combines weight loss, wellness, and physical activity. It empowers members to lose weight in a flexible, fun, and supportive group setting. 

Get motivated and inspired with our group! Our weekly sessions are a great fit for anyone who wants to achieve their goals without any pressure to talk or share their weight. Our supportive and fun environment is specifically designed to energise you and celebrate all kinds of successes. Attending one of our Evolve groups each week can help you reach your goal in many ways.

Accountability: By coming to our weekly group sessions, you’ll have a dedicated time and place to share your progress with others and stay accountable to your goals. No excuses, just results!

Support: Losing weight can be tough, but you don’t have to do it alone. Our community is here to offer you support and encouragement every step of the way. Whether you’re celebrating a victory or struggling with a setback, we’ve got your back (and your front too)!

Education and guidance: We’ll share our knowledge and expertise on nutrition, activity, and mindset to help you make informed decisions about your health. Plus, we’ll make sure it’s all easy to understand and, dare we say, even fun?

Motivation: At Evolve, we love to cheer each other on! Seeing others succeed is a powerful motivator, and we’ll make sure you feel celebrated and encouraged along the way. And don’t worry, we’ll make sure to have a laugh or two (or three) as well!.

Consistency: By showing up to our group every week, you’ll be creating a consistent routine of taking care of yourself and working towards your goals. This routine can help you stay focused and motivated to achieve your target.

1. Our Food Plan

Introducing Everyday Eats – a generous and flexible healthy eating plan that draws on over eleven years of my experience in supporting thousands of people with their weight management goals. This plan is based on my own personal weight loss journey, combined with some innovative theories and guidance from the NHS Eatwell Guide.

Everyday Eats offers a balanced and sustainable approach to healthy eating that can benefit anyone looking to improve their diet and achieve their weight management goals. By following this plan, you’ll learn how to make healthier food choices, enjoy a wide range of delicious meals, and adopt healthier habits that will last a lifetime.

Moreover, the Everyday Eats plan aligns with the NHS Eatwell Guide, which is based on the latest research on healthy eating. This means that you can be confident that you’re following a plan that is evidence-based and supported by the latest scientific research. 

How Everyday Eats works

The First step is to choose NO Count foods.

NO Count foods are those that are low in calories, satisfying, and filling and don’t require counting. You can have them anytime you want without worrying about your weight loss goals. By incorporating NO Count foods daily, you’ll be inclined to choose healthier options and develop long-term healthy eating habits. These foods include a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, meats, poultry, carbohydrates, peas and pulses, eggs, and fat-free dairy.

If a food is not on the NO Count list, you need to keep track of how much you eat and include it in your personalised bank of daily calories allowance. There’s no such thing as “good” or “bad” food. If a particular food has a high-calorie count, it’s important to be cautious and gradually decrease the amount you consume to stay true to your goals.

Your daily bank of calorie allowance is customised according to your weight, and you have the freedom to decide how you want to use them. Some examples of foods that may be included in your calorie limit are milk, cereal, bread, chocolate, dressings, and alcohol.

An alternative to the Everyday Eats plan – full calorie counting

Your choice to count all calories. This structured plan option is recommended for a short time only, such as a week or two. Available for our members who want a weight loss boost or need to tighten their eating.

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2. Activate

At Evolve, we know that moving your body is essential for feeling good both mentally and physically. But don’t worry, you won’t catch us head-to-toe in Lycra! We encourage small steps towards a more active lifestyle that fits your preferences and schedule. Our mission is to help you achieve a healthy, Happy weight that feels sustainable and enjoyable in the long run.

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3. Wellness

We will assist you in recognising yourself as a successful slimmer, pinpointing moments and situations that pose challenges, helping you develop a positive attitude and healthy relationship with food, and changing habits which are crucial to sustained success.

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4. Group

Evolve Weight Loss Longbridge

Feel motivated and inspired in group! Our weekly group sessions are perfect for anyone who wants to set and achieve their goals without the pressure of talking, happy clapping, or announcing a weight gain. Enjoy a supportive and fun environment that’s specifically tailored to re-energise you and celebrate those losses and non-scale victories. 

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Our goal for you: is for you to reach your Happy Weight, maintain it and live your best life.

You decide on your own goal weight, what we like to call your Happy Weight, and you will become one of our fabulous Milestone Members.