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Have I said how much I love our groups?

We had another twelve members join our Longbridge groups this week. With the launch of our new Droitwich group in just two weeks, people are joining each day through our website it still feels surreal but wonderful!

Everyone loves the freedom and flexibility of our plan, there’s been so much food talk in group it makes my tummy grumble at each session.

We’ve given out lots of awards and with it being the summer holidays, in particular, that’s fantastic. It’s a time of year that can be tougher for many of us to lose weight but Team Evolve are smashing it.

Our group shop has been fantastic. I love having the freedom to get lots of new products to try and that will give new ideas to to our members. The JD seasonings and flavour drops have been so popular we’ve got virtually every flavour going.

One of my many highlights is having a visit from a lady called Keri. I had the pleasure of meeting Keri early last year when I worked for a previous company. We started Keri’s journey together and to see this wonderful lady blossom, lose weight, and feel healthier and happier and her confidence growing weekly was amazing. 

She lost over 13 stone! The blinking brilliant news is she made the decision to come and join our Evolve family. She has even followed our plan for a week and lost an amazing 6lb and achieved a 14 ½ stone weight loss. Incredible! 

Evolve is definitely evolving and at a much faster pace than we ever imagined. When I say we I mean myself and my husband Kev 🤣 

I’m looking forward to moving things forward with our healthy curries (and other avenues!)

Excited to be having a meal cooked by Suman of Suman Spices and meeting her husband in a few weeks to make a start on all our ideas. She is such a lovely lady and we are both like a bottle of pop ready to get going.

That’s enough from me otherwise this will turn into an essay. 

Have a fab week, 

Jen x  

Evolve – helping our members become Healthier, Happier & Slimmer ♥️