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Exciting Update from Week Two!

Evolve Weight Loss Longbridge

The results are in, and they’re truly WOW! Our members have collectively lost an astounding 32 stone – an incredible achievement!

But what makes it even more special is the amazing feedback we’ve received here’s a snippet:

“Love how the plan gives you the flexibility to lose weight.”

“My husband kissed me when I bought white bread back into the house.”

“I feel like I’m not on a diet, this plan gives me the flexibility to try new foods, not to think about what I’m eating all the time, I love it.”

“I feel better already and mentally focused, I bloody love it.”

“Jen, it’s amazing! I love your new plan and loving the buzz in the group, thank you.”

The energy in our sessions is fantastic, with everyone sharing their joys, food ideas, and accomplishments. We even awarded three half stone awards in just the first week, and one remarkable lady shed an incredible 9lbs..!

Excitingly, we welcomed another thirty new members, and the support among our members is heartwarming. Our Longbridge walking group has taken off, providing additional support and social opportunities.

Our online community is thriving, filled with food pictures and lively discussions in our Facebook and WhatsApp groups.

With the Droitwich launch on the horizon in five weeks and ten more enthusiastic people joining us next week, the momentum keeps building!

None of this would be possible without the enormous support from my dedicated Team Evolve, my husband, my parents and our entire community.

Together, we’re making dreams a reality, and the future looks brighter than ever. Let’s continue this fantastic journey together!

Now I’m off to have a tub of ice cream – on the plan of course!… yes it really is! Jen x