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Evolve Weight Loss is ten weeks old…

Evolve Weight Loss is ten weeks old!

Wow, can you believe it’s been ten weeks since we launched Evolve? Time really flies when you’re having fun, and blimey, have we had a blast!

Honestly, I never thought we’d accomplish this much in such a short span of time. It’s been absolutely crazy.

Right from the start, I was all in on this plan. I had this burning desire to introduce lots of food wisdom to our members. And you know what’s super important to me? Teaching everyone how to have a great, guilt-free relationship with food. 

No food should ever be put on a “no-go” list or labelled good or bad.

It’s totally fine to enjoy things like white bread, crumpets or mash up a banana and still be on the journey to losing those extra pounds.

Let’s keep it real—there’s no such thing as unlimited food. I mean, come on, a jacket potato the size of your head or endless bowls of pasta without a second thought? That’s not moderation; that’s a food marathon! Trust me, I get it. Once someone tells me something’s unlimited, I’ll keep going too.

So, with Evolve, my mission is to show everyone that there’s a balance to be struck. You can enjoy your favourite foods while still being mindful of your goals. Let’s make healthy eating fun and achievable! 

The results have been fantastic

Some people might think starting a new Weight Loss Community during the summer, (which historically is the least busy time) is madness. Our stats suggest otherwise 🙂

• Sessions: 8
• Members: 400+
(and growing every day)
• Members who lost weight or maintained in a typical week over the summer: 77.5%
• Average weekly loss for members who have lost: 1.4lbs
• Highest members’ weight loss in their first week: 9.5lbs

• New activity groups (started by members): 3

We launched our Droitwich Weight Loss Group two weeks ago and what a great friendly bunch they are who are already smashing it and the feedback has been great.

Our Online Slimming Group launched on Thursday – I’d usually be in my PJ’s by 8pm but it was great to offer this service to our members too.

Our in-group Evolve shop has proved to be a real highlight of our group – with everything from JD seasonings to wraps, to protein drops which are a real game changer, dips, bars, all sorts. The beauty of being Independent is we can do what we like, listen to our members, make changes, and add products to the shop – I just love it.

After spotting a gap for healthy takeaways and in a further effort to give our members as much as we can regarding choice. We launched our healthy NO Count Curries into groups this week after collaborating with a local lady whom I hit it off with straight away who runs Suman Spices and we have had an overwhelming response.

The next steps for Evolve

We have partnered with a brilliant company that will help us build our own Evolve software. This will make your experience in group even better, as well as a very light version of our new Member App. It’s early days and these things take time but it’s an exciting step forward for us, as we invest in making our members’ weight loss journey as great as it can be…

Mega excited about this one!!! We’ve had is lot of interest from people wanting to come on board and launch their own Evolve Groups where they live – watch out in a town near you!!!! It’s definitely in our plan. Back at the start of the year, when things felt really tough and I felt like I was mentally drowning, I never ever imagined we’d be even thinking about this but do you know what – life is too short.

I love our Evolve ever-growing community, I love what we are building and how people are feeling and I love the enthusiasm of others to want to share this far and wide so why the heck not!

To finish, this would never ever be possible without the people around me. My mum and dad their support and of course my husband Kev who always, always supports, encourages, motivates and tries to teach me!!!! Me and technology aren’t great. 

My Team Evolve – over thirty fab people who help me run groups, set up from 6:30am in the morning, organise me, dress me (don’t ask!) without them groups would not run and I thank every one of them xx