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Check out Hayley, our newest coach at Evolve! 

Hayley Evolve Weight Loss Groups in Droitwich

In just five weeks, she’s already making waves with nearly 150 members attending her groups.

The feedback has been outstanding, with members raving about the laid-back, no-pressure vibe that Hayley brings to the table.

Some of the comments we’ve received include:

“Hayley made me feel so welcome for my first time at group. I’m so excited to try this new plan. It’s not like others I’ve tried before in that it seems a lot less restrictive and promotes a change of lifestyle instead of diet. I can’t wait to give the weekly fitness classes a go.”

A happy Evolve Weight Loss Member getting her award

“Hayley is the best – her enthusiasm and support keep me motivated. Group is fun and full of great tips and ideas for the week ahead. Evolve and Hayley have made me fall in love with food again and think more about what I’m eating. If you are thinking of joining definitely do it – I’m 100% glad I did.”

With more people pre-registered to join this coming week, Hayley and her Evolve community are on fire! The Evolve Express 30-minute thighs, bums, and tums class after Wednesday’s Evolve group is becoming increasingly popular too. 

Hayley herself is loving the relaxed, non-pressured environment within the team. She feels like a weight has been lifted from her shoulders and is thrilled to be part of Team Evolve.

We’re all looking forward to our first Evolve Team meeting this Sunday – who’s up for some wine? 🍷