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12 Week Weight Loss Planner launched

🌟 Transform your Weight Loss journey with Evolve for just £12 🌟

Struggling to stay on track with your weight loss goals? Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to success with the Evolve 12 Week Weight Loss Planner! 📅✨

🤩 NOT just for Evolve Slimmers: The 12 Week Planner was designed with our Evolve members in mind. 🥳 Great news – anybody on any weight loss journey can use it. Our Planner focuses on your individual journey and can be easily adapted for any weight loss plan – but our plan is the best obviously 🤣

Time-saving accountability: No more guesswork! Our Weight Loss Planner simplifies your routine, providing structure and accountability, so you can focus on what matters most—your health and wellbeing.

📊 Track your triumphs: Celebrate every victory, big or small! Our Planner allows you to monitor your progress, identify patterns, and make informed decisions to propel you towards success.

Evolve Weight Loss 12 Week Weight Loss Planner

Hey you! 😊

Are you thinking about starting your weight loss journey or looking for a fresh approach?

Let’s talk about why keeping a weight loss tracker can be your secret weapon to slay those goals and feel amazing every step of the way! 💪

  1. Stay fabulously accountable: Imagine your 12 Week Planner as your personal cheerleader, keeping you accountable with a sprinkle of sparkle!
  2. See your progress shine: Picture this: each pound lost, each inch melted away is like unlocking a new level of fabulousness! Your 12 Week Planner lets you shine brighter with every step towards your goals.
  3. Set goals: Whether it’s fitting into that little black dress or strutting your stuff with confidence at the beach, your 12 Week Planner helps you set goals!
  4. Own your journey: Your journey is all about you! With your 12 Week Planner by your side, you’re not just taking steps towards a healthier lifestyle; you’re claiming your power and owning your story.
  5. Celebrate non-scale victories: Who says you can’t pop the Champagne (or Prosecco) for every milestone? Celebrate every pound lost yes, but also the fabulous non-scale victories along the way—you deserve it!
  6. Embrace the new you: Your journey isn’t just about shedding pounds; it’s about unleashing your inner self! With your 12 Week Planner, you’re not just transforming physically; you’re glowing up from the inside out.

Let’s take a peek 👀

Evolve Weight Loss 12 Week Weight Loss Planner

What you’ll get

160 pages to support, motivate and inspire you, including;

  • Planner explanation
  • Your Inspiration pages
  • Setting Interim Goals & Rewards
  • Weight & Measurements Logs
  • Your favourite foods & weekly shopping lists
  • Your weekly planner
  • A daily journal for 12 weeks
  • Weekly results & reflection
  • Halfway reflection & reignite
  • Overall reflection
  • Happiness Jar
Evolve Weight Loss 12 Week Weight Loss Planner
Evolve Weight Loss 12 Week Weight Loss Planner

Own your journey. Transform your life for an amazing £12

Buy now and start your fab transformation Today! ✨📚 #OwnYourJourney #TransformYourLife

Available for our in-person members in our group shop for £12. Order today online for £12 + £3pp.


“I love my planner. It has helped me so much. For months I’ve been losing a bit and gaining a bit and felt rubbish. This journal has made me track everything and really look into all the hidden calories that I hadn’t been tracking. I take it everywhere with me! And it’s pink 😆 First week of tracking I had a loss and got into my new stone zone which I’ve been trying to do for weeks!”

“Hi Jen. Just wanted to say how much I love the planner you have created! It’s great that not only can I track what I’m eating but you’ve also put things in there that promote a positive mindset, so it’s about more than just the food I’m putting into my body but also changing my mindset as well. Looking forward to having it as an extra tool in my journey x”

“Used my new weight loss planner this week, created by the lovely @evolveweightloss I’ve used many planners, trackers and apps over the years but this is honestly one of the best I’ve used. It’s beautifully laid out, and easy to use. I ❤️ the daily positive mantras, the “I’m proud of” and the “make tomorrow brighter” sections, amazing mental health and wellbeing additions that get you in a positive mindset ready for the day then reflecting later that night. I use it alongside my #nutracheck app, it’s the perfect accessory. Jenny really is amazing when it comes to supporting her group members and providing them with what they need to succeed.”

“I love the Evolve Planner, it has helped me focus on what I really want to achieve on my journey to a happier and healthier self. It’s set out really well, with plenty of room to write things down, I love the little boxes on the pages where you can write your daily mantra (even if it takes me ages to think about that) and how you feel and your smiley face. It’s not just focusing on one thing it takes into account all the things that you need to progress your EVOLVE journey weight, activity and wellness to a happier and healthier you! ❤️ “

“Day 2 of using my Evolve Planner, I’m loving it, I can see where I was having too many calories, it helps me so much to write it down and use my BOC wisely and the planner makes it more fun, I’m going to order some motivational stickers to go in it too 😁 “

“I don’t think I have ever written “my Inspirations” down as quickly as I have tonight Jen – loving the new planner already! 🩷 “

“Good morning Jen. I know you asked for some feedback regarding the planners and having used to for just over a week now, here’s mine: the general look, layout and flow are brilliant and perfectly suited for the task. The little additions that clearly have been plucked directly out of your brain are joyous and remind me every day of you and therefore to have a more relaxed, positive view of food.”